LIFE5REFRACT IS THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE WORKSHOP: “Knowledge, Circular Economy and Recycling in the Area of Refractory Materials”

On October 23d, the Life5RefrACT project was one of the highlights of the Workshop: “Knowledge, Circular Economy and Recycling in the Area of Refractory Materials” organised by the Refractories Department of the Spanish Ceramics and Glass Society (SECV) together with the National Association of Manufacturers of Refractory Materials and Related Services (ANFRE).

Within the European framework, refractory materials will face various challenges in the years to come, among which refractories stemming from recycling processes in order to reduce the environmental impact and energy consumption.

In this context, a Workshop on this topic was programmed; it took place in MADRID on OCTOBER 23d, 2019, as a meeting place for knowledge and experience sharing between the industry, the academia and the government.

The event took place at the Ceramics and Glass Institute (ICV) of the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) and was organised under the guidance of the SECV, with the cooperation of the ANFRE. These combined efforts led to a series of conferences performed by the government, associations, refractory companies, final customers, academia and scientists.

David Maza (Sidenor R&D – Process Manager) attended the event on behalf of Sidenor and represented the entire work team which, especially over the last seven years, has developed and strengthened good practices in the area of refractory waste management. His lecture mentioned the latest innovations within the framework of two ongoing European projects, which are coordinated by Sidenor: 5RefrAct (LIFE) and E-Co-LadleBrick (RFCS).

The lecture had the following title: “Systematic and Integral valorisation of refractory wastes under a 5R approach” and aimed at disseminating knowledge in this area, which is the main objective of the LIFE Programme‘s 5RefrAct Project

The detailed Workshop programme is available at: