The Life 5Refract consortium meets in order to take stock of the project’s progress

Last Thursday, January 23d, the consortium of the Life 5RefrACT met at the premises of Sidenor R&D in order to jointly analyse the progress made in the various lines of the project. The 17 participants were able to share, among others, the following:

The state of the project with regard to the established schedule.

– The degree of achievement of each action’s milestones.

– The deliverables corresponding to each action.

One of the meeting’s most notable points was that, after performing various tests with refractory materials in the steelmaking environment, it was confirmed that this specific methodology can be transposed to other industries of various sectors, whereby the field of action of the methodology for the use and revalorization of this type of materials could be shared and extended.

Besides, all consortium partners presented the results and conclusions obtained so far regarding each project point assigned to them: all of them comply with the deadlines established according to the schedule and, in some cases, positive results were presented, whereby the replicability of these new solutions in other steelmaking processes is pending analysis.

Once the technical part was finalised, a short presentation of the project dissemination actions was made: relevant events were reviewed and the next appointments in the schedule were recalled, among which the next Mineral Recycling forum which will take place on March 10-11, 2020 in Aachen, Germany.