Javier Pastrana

R+D+i director


Under the current circumstances, which have brought the COVID-19 coronavirus, one can hardly avoid hearing about lockdown, supply problems, quarantine, social distancing, reduction in production, reconversion, economic crisis, pacts, subsidies, affected people, cured people…. These are different and crisis times, which will determine our nearest future in economic, social as well as organisational terms.

The COVID-19 crisis comes along with a series of topics and lessons which we need to face immediately:

– Effects of globalisation

– Dependence on supplies from China

– Value of own resources

– Adaptation and reconversion under the new circumstances

– Collaboration and commitment: citizens, administration, companies, …

It is now, while an unprecedented economic crisis is taking shape and given what we are living and suffering, that the re-education, reduction, recovery, reuse and recycling of refractory materials can play a greater role and be given increased momentum. Among the reasons and arguments are the following:

– less dependence on supplies coming from China,

– economic saving,

– increased general social awareness,

– additional and complementary industrial activity (new jobs)

– in addition to already traditional concepts of sustainable development, energy efficiency, reduction of contaminants, natural resources savings, …

In times of coronavirus, our efforts must concentrate on the search for additional supplies to the Chinese market and economic saving in order to implement environmental as well as resource optimization measures.

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These days, we are tired to see the exponential epidemiological curves, and we are on our way towards industrial waste recovery, as well as the reuse, recovery and recycling of refractory waste.

The silico-aluminous refractory products are characterised by a wide variety of qualities and industrial applications, and thus offer a number of possibilities, but also more adaptation, creativity, study, research and development processes.

Within the framework of the Life5REfrACT project, REFRALIA takes and transforms SIDENOR’s silico-aluminous waste into useful products in various applications in the iron and steel industry as well as other industrial sectors.

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