Published in Waste Management the environmental assessment of refractory waste management carried out in 5REFRACT.

On the 15th of June the journal Waste Management published the environmental assessment conducted by 2.-0 LCA consultants in the context of the 5REFRACT project.

In this study life cycle assessment (LCA) was applied to the current management of refractory waste in the Basauri steel works, including direct reuse of MgO-C bricks, recycling of MgO-C bricks and high-alumina shapes, as well as final disposal of those materials for which currently there are no established valorization routes.

The study quantifies for the Basauri plant the natural resources and greenhouse-gas emission savings as a result of reuse and recycling when compared to landfilling.

This is a pioneer study, given the lack so far in the scientific literature of similar LCA studies focusing on refractory waste management. More info in the Science Direct website.