Benefits of Refractory waste Recycling

LIFE-CYCLE ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS OF REFRACTORY WASTE RECYCLING PARTNER COMPANY Ivan Muñoz Ortiz Life cycle engineer LATEST TWEETS One of the main tasks within the LIFE 5REFRACT project is to quantify the environmental benefits associated to the new strategies for refractory waste management devised and implemented as part of the project. As leaders of this task, […]

COVID-19. We stand up for the 5 R

COVID-19. WE STAND UP FOR THE 5 R PARTNER COMPANY Javier Pastrana R+D+i director LATEST TWEETS Under the current circumstances, which have brought the COVID-19 coronavirus, one can hardly avoid hearing about lockdown, supply problems, quarantine, social distancing, reduction in production, reconversion, economic crisis, pacts, subsidies, affected people, cured people…. These are different and crisis […]

Successful trials on masses with magnesia base refractory waste.

SUCCESSFUL TRIALS ON MASSES WITH MAGNESIA BASE REFRACTORY WASTE PARTNER COMPANY Pilar Pérez de Asis Head of the Environment and Sustainable Development department LATEST TWEETS A further step in Magna’s work towards sustainable development. In 2020, Magnesitas Navarras (MAGNA) celebrates 75 years producing magnesia and manufacturing unshaped refractories for the steel sector – a long […]

Magna participates together with Sidenor in the identification of potential secondary raw materials

Within the framework of the Life5Refract project, MAGNA has participated,together with Sidenor, in the identification of potential secondary raw materials in the meltshop’s basic refractory waste. In particular, ladle demolition and tundish masses mould release materials were recovered and tested. With this waste, MAGNA has tested 9 designs of monolithic refractory masses, using quantities of up […]

LIFE5REFRACT IS THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE WORKSHOP: “Knowledge, Circular Economy and Recycling in the Area of Refractory Materials”

On October 23d, the Life5RefrACT project was one of the highlights of the Workshop: “Knowledge, Circular Economy and Recycling in the Area of Refractory Materials” organised by the Refractories Department of the Spanish Ceramics and Glass Society (SECV) together with the National Association of Manufacturers of Refractory Materials and Related Services (ANFRE). Within the European […]