LIFE programme

ENVIRONMENT AND CLIMATE ACTION PROGRAM (LIFE) EMPRESA COLABORADORA Iñigo Unamuno Responsable de Proyectos de Innovación Industrial ÚLTIMOS TWEETS The LIFE programme is the EU’s funding instrument for the environment and climate action. The general objective of LIFE is to contribute to the implementation, updating and development of EU environmental and climate policies and legislation by […]


The recent issue published by the journal specialized in refractory materials, “Refractories Worldforum”, includes an article showing the latest advances developed in the LIFE 5REFRACT project. This publication, which gathers the most current and innovative technological trends in the refractory sector on a quarterly basis, shows the best practices developed and implemented in Sidenor related […]

The new challenges of circular economy

THE NEW CHALLENGES OF CIRCULAR ECONOMY PARTNER COMPANY Iñigo Unamuno Iriondo Head of Industrial Innovation Projects LATEST TWEETS At the end of 2019, the European Union launched the so-called Green New Deal as a central strategy approach, which aims at achieving climate neutrality by 2050, intensifying the emission reduction objective by 2030 and advancing towards […]

Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy: an Analytical Technique for the Sorting of Waste Refractory Materials Used in Steelmaking Industries

LASER-INDUCED BREAKDOWN SPECTROSCOPY PARTNER COMPANY Luisa María Cabalin Full professor at the University of Malaga LATEST TWEETS An Analytical Technique for the Sorting of Waste Refractory Materials Used in Steelmaking Industries.        Refractories are indispensable for all high temperatures processes, such as the production of metals, cement, glass and ceramics. Over a great many […]

The partners of the Life5refrACT consortium met yesterday June 2d

The partners of the Life5refrACT consortium met yesterday, June 2d, in order to review together the indicators of the various project actions. 3 months before the official completion of the project, in September 2020, and after confirming that they will be on time, in spite of the COVID-19 health crisis, and comply with the objectives […]

Benefits of Refractory waste Recycling

LIFE-CYCLE ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS OF REFRACTORY WASTE RECYCLING PARTNER COMPANY Ivan Muñoz Ortiz Life cycle engineer LATEST TWEETS One of the main tasks within the LIFE 5REFRACT project is to quantify the environmental benefits associated to the new strategies for refractory waste management devised and implemented as part of the project. As leaders of this task, […]